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The One Price program applies to a limited geographical service area. Please confirm that your order will qualify prior to confirming order.

Magnus product prices include the following:

  •  Delivery to buyer's site.

  •  Purchases of six (6) or more desks includes a design layout of products purchased by Buyer, with up to three (3) revisions. All layout and design work to be performed in Buyer provided AutoCad file of building shell.  Any other design work requested will be at a rate of $150 per hour.

  •  All products purchased by buyer include industry standard assembly at the buyer’s site subject to the following conditions:

      1.  All work is to be performed during regular business hours defined as between 8:00AM and  5:00PM – See upcharge for overtime work below;

      2.  Assembly performed by Non-Union workers.  Union workers are not included.  See additional charges for Union assembly labor below;

      3.  Does NOT include the carry of product(s) up stairs or steps.  Access to freight elevator and clear pathways are required.  Workers will clear path of travel or area of work for an additional fee and at a rate of $85 per hour;

      4.  Assembly does not include electrical connection to building or low voltage (data / communication) wiring installation.

Upgrade charges for services not within parameters defined 

above.  All percentage based fees are a percent of the total product purchase price before sales tax:

      1.  Overtime delivery / assembly during regular hours is 10%

      2.  Overtime delivery and assembly is 20%

      3.  Regular hour delivery and assembly by Union labor is 15%

           a.  Overtime delivery and assembly by Union labor is 25%

This is the entire offering under the One Price program.  No other offers or services are expressed or implied by Magnus.  Magnus reserves the right to change, modify or otherwise edit the One Price program at any time.

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