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Magnus hears

you – “Simpler, faster, affordable

solutions with quality, guaranteed products.”

Magnus responds to the complicated, and often confusing, manner that office furniture is sold in the US.  As industry insiders
for decades, we witnessed how suppliers, at large, have failed to respond to buyer’s desiring change. Magnus hears you - "Simpler, faster, affordable solutions with quality, guaranteed products."

Two years were spent researching and evaluating products, their factories, logistics, shipping, and testing of the entire supply chain in order bring you great quality office furniture
with an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty* and our exclusive One Price* all inclusive model.


Every One Price* Solution Includes:

  •  Free, no commitment test drive.

  •  Limited Lifetime Warranty*.

  •  Delivered to you in 10 days or less.

  •  Free design & project management services.

  •  Free freight, delivery & installation.

  •  Overall savings of 30% - 50%.

*One Price and Limited Lifetime Warranty, including the offers made above as part of it, are subject to the terms and conditions available here.

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